Month: April 2019

Building Plans – How To Re-Plan Or Extend Your Home Without Losing Valuable Garden Space

Building Plans – How To Re-Plan Or Extend Your Home Without Losing Valuable Garden Space

Home building plans are constantly changing to keep up with the demands of a growing family or the changing fashion to open plan living. Most homeowners considering extending their home always assume that an extension will most certainly mean having to reduce their current garden space. This is often a daunting prospect as most homes do not have particularly large gardens.

There are solutions to this problem. There are a number of areas within a house that can be successfully extended or converted to provide useful extra living space without having to build out into your garden.


Most houses with a reasonable roof pitch can accommodate additional space in the roof. Older houses (pre-1970), will have traditional rafter and purlin roof construction and so the space is already there to adapt. Newer houses (1970′s onwards), tend to have roof truss construction and so a few structural alterations will need to be made.

Additional bedroom and bathroom accommodation can be added in the roof-space with the creation of an extended staircase. Dormer window or roof-lights can be built-in to the roof envelope for natural lighting.


Another method of increasing the floor space of your home without having to build out over the garden is to build over an existing garage. Attached garages are a valuable asset to any property, additional bedrooms can be added without the inconvenience of having to add a staircase as you would with a loft conversion. The other benefit of building over a garage is that there are no costly foundations/excavation work to be carried out.


Any attached garage can be easily converted into additional accommodation. An additional living room, study or an extension to an existing living room or kitchen. Most homeowners do not use their garages for their cars and so this option can be very sensible.


Many houses already have single story extensions that were built some time ago. If the property is detached It is always possible to build out over a ground floor extension creating additional bedroom accommodation at first floor level.


Most homes have a thin strip of land between the house and the boundary fence. This strip may only be around 1 to 1.5 metres wide and is considered by most homeowners to be of no use. In many cases it is possible to build over this strip of land, right up to the boundary, at ground floor level. This in conjunction with some minor internal reconfiguration can drastically improve internal space.

So as you can see there are a variety of ways of extending your property and altering you building plans without having to build out over your existing garden space.

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